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Glacier National Park of Canada

Avalanche Terrain Maps

NRC Gully

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Aerial Relief Map of NRC Gully, Glacier National Park, showing significant avalanche terrain. All winter travel here is in avalanche terrain. Closures and restrictions apply to this entire region.
NRC Gully, Glacier National Park
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  • Does your group have the skills, knowledge and training to travel in avalanche terrain?
  • Are you carrying transceivers, shovels and probes?
  • Can you self-rescue? Do you have a plan?
  • Do you know the emergency number?
  • Have you checked the current avalanche bulletin and weather forecast ?
  • Have you checked out with someone?
  • Do you have any other route options?

Emergency Phone: 1-877-852-3100

Avalanche bulletins are available at the Rogers Pass Discovery Centre.