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Glacier National Park

Bostock Creek Trail

Length - 7.8 km (one way)
Hiking time - 3.5 hours (uphill)
Elevation range - 981 to 1721 m (740m)
Trailhead - 4 km eastward of western park boundary (westbound side of Hwy 1; no left-hand turning lane for eastbound traffic)
Map Coordinates - 117°40'9"W 51°13'50"N

Bostock Creek Trail

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Mountain caribou once passed through this valley in numbers large enough to draw attention. The original name, Caribou Creek, was appropriate. Caribou are no longer abundant anywhere in the park, although a few are seen each winter north of Bostock Pass. The valley name was changed in 1923 to honour Canadian senator Hewitt Bostock.

Bostock Creek trail offers a moderate hike through the Interior Rainforest, across the upper subalpine and into the upper subalpine forest. At first, views are restricted to Mount Fidelity and Corbin Peak. Careful observers will see the odd-shaped white hut of the Christiana snow research station on the ridge running east from Mount Fidelity.

At the summit of the pass hikers have the opportunity to see one of the few areas in the park where sedimentary rock covers the older and harder metamorphic bedrock typical of the Columbia Mountains. This blanket of limestone and shales gives a distinctively different look and feeling.

From the pass, you can explore relatively gentle alpine tundra ridges.

Trail Conditions Report

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