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Special Events

2016 Schedule

Parks Day

Saturday, July 16

Join us at the Waterton Heritage Centre for activities, interactive displays and more!

2 p.m - 4 p.m. 

  • Solar viewing
    Explore our solar system with our astronomy volunteer.
  • Birds, bears and bats. Oh my!
    Get up close and personal with Digger the Grizzly and find out more about the secret lives of other animals.
  • Family activities
    Have your face painted, learn how to geocache or fly a kite with the Waterton Natural History Association.

4 p.m. - 6 p.m.

  • Back to the beginning with Kootenai Brown
    Join local historians for a 2-hour tour highlighting the life and times of Kootenai Brown, early Waterton local. Included is a free bus ride (First Canada) to Kootenai Brown's past.

Science and History Day

Tuesday, July 26 

Would you like to hear first-hand accounts of the latest wildlife, vegetation and historical discoveries in Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park? This incredible day gives researchers, scientists and historians the opportunity to share their knowledge and findings with the public. This special event, which alternates between the two parks, is in Waterton Lakes National Park this year.

2016 Science and History Day Agenda

Perseids Meteor Shower

Friday, August 12 and Saturday, August 13 

Check out our amazing night skies during the Perseids meteor shower (clear skies permitting).

Waterton Pow Wow

Wednesday, August 24

Participate in traditional and contemporary aboriginal dancing, music, art, and cuisine.

Waterton Wildlife Weekend

September 23 - 25

Waterton’s wildlife is at its best in the fall. This special weekend features a variety of wildlife events.

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