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Help Us Locate New Red Chairs in Waterton!

Parks Canada is looking for your suggestions for where to place eight pairs of red Adirondack chairs in Waterton Lakes National Park.

The Red Chairs Experience invites people to sit and enjoy scenic views or to relax and take in all of the sights, sounds and smells that make Waterton unique.

Guidelines for choosing locations for the Red Chairs:

Parka with the Waterton Red Chairs Help us locate the new Red Chairs in Waterton © Parks Canada
  1. Is there a direct visual connection to Waterton Lakes National Park?
  2. Suggest sites with a new perspective that provide opportunities to experience new places or vantage points. Choose scenic, spectacular, or "lesser known" spots. They should stimulate a "surprise and delight" reaction for visitors.
  3. Is it memorable and worth sharing? Can you visualize which images will show up on a visitor’s Facebook or Instagram page? How will it be described in a 140-character tweet?
  4. Does it feel unique and authentic?
  5. Is it accessible for those with a moderate sense of adventure?

Parks Canada will determine the best locations for the eight pairs of Red Chairs based on your suggestions and the following criteria:

  • Scenic values
  • Opportunities for quiet reflection
  • Visitor safety
  • Impact on natural or cultural heritage
  • Public accessibility
  • Security from vandalism or theft

To submit your suggestions (by April 30, 2015):

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