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Mountain Parks: A Cycling Experience

Breathtaking scenery right from your saddle

Cycling in Canada's Mountain Parks
Cycling in Canada's Mountain Parks © Parks Canada / Jocelyn Nadeau

Deep valleys and jagged mountain peaks. Windswept prairies and dense old-growth forests. Still lakes and fast-moving rivers and streams. An astonishing assortment of birds, plants and wild animals. All from the saddle of your bike.

Whether you’re a casual rider or a technical expert, cycling offers a special way to experience the diversity of Canada’s mountain parks.

Enjoy an expanding variety of well-marked trails and roads for all skill levels. Appreciate both natural wonders and historic sites more profoundly through an increasing number of interpretive signs. Benefit from a growing community of local enthusiasts and bike shops to help you make the most of your experience.

There has never been a better time to enjoy cycling in Canada's mountain parks.

Waterton Lakes National Park

Within the relatively small territory of Waterton Lakes National Park, mountain bikers and road cyclists alike can find a sweet spot in the land "where the mountains meet the prairie".

A newly-paved multi-use trail sets off from near the park entrance, winding 6.9 km into the community of Waterton where it joins the village loop. Stop at a beach along the way for a picnic and enjoy the stunning mountain vistas.

In June, Waterton’s annual week-long Wildflower Festival offers walks, hikes and workshops that showcase more than 50 of Canada’s rare flowers at the height of their splendour.

Red Rock Parkway
From November to May, the Red Rock Parkway is closed to motorized vehicles, creating a haven for cyclists - until the snow flies! Along the 15 km journey, rolling grasslands in the Blakiston Valley give way to the dramatic peaks and valleys at Red Rock Canyon, where bighorn sheep typically await visitors. Gaze on the remains of an ancient sea that has left traces in ripples, fossils and sedimentary layers. By the edge of a gushing waterfall, marvel at the distinctive shades and hues of the bedrock.

Red Rock Canyon
From the Red Rock Canyon parking lot, novice cross-country cyclists can cut their teeth beside hikers and horse parties on the Snowshoe Trail, an old fire-access road that rolls along towards several alpine lakes. For a more rigorous ride, check out the Akamina Pass, a short route across the provincial border that leads to Akamina-Kishinena Provincial Park in British Columbia and a larger bike trail network.

More Information

Breathtaking scenery right from your saddle
© Parks Canada / Jocelyn Nadeau

For more information on cycling in Canada’s mountain parks, contact the parks directly by using the information and links below:

Banff National Park
Telephone: 403-762-1550 (Mountain Time)

Lake Louise Visitor Centre
Telephone: 403-522-3833 (Mountain Time)

Jasper National Park
Telephone: 780-852-6176 (Mountain Time)

Mount Revelstoke National Park and Glacier National Park
Telephone: 250-837-7500 (Pacific Time)

Kootenay National Park
Telephone: 250.347.9505 (Mountain Time)

Waterton Lakes National Park
Telephone: 403-859-5133 (Mountain Time)

Yoho National Park
Telephone: 250-343-6783 (Mountain Time)