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Jasper National Park of Canada

Architectural Motif for the Town of Jasper


The Architectural Motif Guidelines for the Town of Jasper:

  • describes design features and materials that are expected of all new and re-development in Jasper
  • respects Jasper's character, history and traditional scale of development
  • strengthen Jasper's image as a well designed mountain community
  • presents a palette of acceptable, natural inspired colors

When do the Guidelines apply?

The guidelines apply to the exteriors of all public and private new and re-developments within the Municipality of Jasper. This includes residential, commercial and institutional projects.

Defining Mountain Architecture in Jasper

What makes a building fit in Jasper?

  • the building is part of the landscape, not separate from it.
  • the building uses simple, strong forms.
  • the building creates a sense of enclosure
  • the roofs are dominant forms
  • the buildings use natural materials such as wood, traditional stone and stucco.
  • buildings appear 'anchored' to the ground with a solid base
  • fire resistant native plant species are encouraged for landscaping

Standards for Development

The following are concerns for all development projects in Jasper:

  • siting - how does the building fit on the lot? how is it oriented to the street?
  • climate considerations - is sunlight maximized? is protection from the elements adequate?
  • views - are views being obstructed? are exposed elements screened wherever possible?
  • landscaping - is it appropriate to a National Park setting? Are Fire Smart principles being met?
  • lighting - is it overbearing? is it sufficient?
  • pedestrian movement - is ample space provided for pedestrian and cyclist movement?
  • lanes - do they provide sufficient site access? How are they finished?
  • parking - is parking sufficient? Easily accessible?

Related documents

The Architectural Motif Guidelines for the Town of Jasper are only one of several documents used to regulate new development and redevelopment in Jasper. They should be used in conjunction with:

  • Land Use Regulations for the Town of Jasper
  • National Park Building Regulations
  • National Park Sign Regulations
  • Canadian Environmental Assessment Act

Depending on the scope of your work, a development or building permit may also be required. Contact the Jasper National Park Development Office at (780) 852-6162.


This document has no legal status and cannot be used as an official interpretation of the various codes and regulations currently in effect. It is meant solely to provide general information that may be of assistance to the developer. The development authority should always be contacted for accurate information

For more information, contact the Jasper National Park Development Office at (780) 852-6162.

This document is published by Realty & Municipal Services, Jasper National Park as a public information service.
January 2006

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