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Jasper National Park

Maligne Tours Ltd Redevelopment Process

Updated: October 31, 2014

Public input is being sought as Parks Canada develops an Implementation Strategy for the actions described in the approved Jasper National Park Management Plan for the Maligne Valley. Phase I of these consultations which focused on the Maligne Valley Situation Analysis closed on November 22, 2013. Phase II the public consultations will begin in 2014 and will focus on management actions for the Maligne Valley. 

Concurrent with Parks Canada’s Maligne Valley Implementation Strategy initiative, the public will have opportunities to review and comment on a Conceptual Proposal from Maligne Tours Ltd for updating their operations and facilities at Maligne Lake.

Maligne Tours Ltd currently operates a day lodge, scenic boat cruises, boat rentals, interpretative guiding, and is the custodian of the historic Brewster Chalet and Curly Phillips Boat House at Maligne Lake.

Maligne Tours Ltd’s Conceptual Proposal will introduce their sustainable tourism strategy for active cultural and heritage preservation, renewing and enriching their visitor experience offer, updating their stewardship commitments, and a proposal for new commercial accommodations. Proposals by Maligne Tours Ltd will reflect their current operating season and will not include winter operations. A copy of their proposal is available at

What is the Process for Maligne Tours Ltd?

Parks Canada has implement a multi-step process similar to other re-development reviews in Jasper National Park:

  • Maligne Tours Ltd will submit a draft detailed Conceptual Proposal for review by Parks Canada. (Status as of 15 Nov 2013: Maligne Tours Ltd has submitted this proposal to Parks Canada and released it for public review).

  • This fall, Maligne Tours Ltd will implement a public engagement program to hear the perspectives, interests and ideas of the public. Parks Canada will facilitate a dialogue with Aboriginal communities with known ties to the Park. (Status as of Dec 2013: Maligne Tours has completed two open houses, one in Edmonton on Tuesday, November 26; and one in Jasper on Wednesday, November 27. The Maligne Tours Concept Proposal public consultation period is now closed. )

  • Parks Canada has considered all Aboriginal and stakeholder comments received by Maligne Tours Ltd between July 10 through to December 20, 2013 as well as comments received by Parks Canada between October 2013 to January 2014.

  • After careful consideration of the merits of the Maligne Tours’ concept proposal for redevelopment at Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park, Parks Canada has made decisions regarding which elements of the Maligne Tours' proposal may advance into the development review process. The decision reflects consideration of the extensive input from Aboriginal communities and the public, as well as the potential for the proposal to contribute to visitor experience, ecological integrity and public education, and the goals of Canada’s National Conservation Plan.

 Maligne Tours Redevelopment Proposal Process
Maligne Tours Redevelopment Proposal Process - Download PDF 3.75 MB

How does the Maligne Tours Ltd Redevelopment proposal relate to Parks Canada’s Maligne Valley Implementation Strategy?

Parks Canada is developing the Maligne Valley Area Implementation Strategy with public input. We will take broad concepts presented in the Jasper National Park Management Plan and develop specific actions to advance the direction in the approved management plan for Jasper National Park. As an iconic Park destination, close attention will be given to the experiences offered at Maligne Lake and to achieving the wildlife conservation objectives that are set out in the management plan.

With their base of operations at Maligne Lake, Maligne Tours Ltd has an important role to consider in updating the national park visitor experiences and services offered. Information gathered to support the development of the Maligne Valley Implementation Strategy will assist Parks Canada in evaluating the merits of Maligne Tours' Proposal in relation to visitor experience, and cultural and environmental stewardship, and its potential impacts to resource protection and visitor experience.

Where should I direct my questions and comments about Maligne Tours Ltd Conceptual Proposal?

Maligne Tours Ltd will be providing opportunities for the public to learn more about their proposal and to respond to questions and comments. Please check their website regularly for updates.

You may email your concerns or questions to Maligne Tours Ltd at: and if you wish please cc Parks Canada at

Any questions or comments you may have of Parks Canada can be directed to Amber Stewart at 780 852 6147 or e-mail

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