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Jasper National Park

Towards an Implementation Strategy for
the Maligne Valley

UPDATE: November 10, 2014


What is the Maligne Valley Implementation Strategy?

The Maligne Valley Implementation Strategy is an action plan that will guide Parks Canada’s work in the valley over the next five to ten years. The Implementation Strategy will elaborate upon the direction within the 2010 Jasper National Park Management Plan.

How is Parks Canada developing the Implementation Strategy?

In order to identify more detailed and specific actions for the Maligne Valley, Parks Canada has reviewed the current situation in the valley to better understand the issues identified in the Jasper National Park Management Plan; developed more detailed objectives for what we want to achieve in the valley; and drafted potential actions that could assist us in meeting those objectives.


Maligne Valley Situation Analysis (Phase I):

We value your input

Public involvement is a cornerstone of policy, planning and management practices of Parks Canada. It helps to ensure sound decision-making, build public understanding, and provide opportunities for Canadians to contribute their knowledge, expertise and suggestions. Parks Canada will be soliciting your input in two phases.

We greatly appreciate all the comments that we received during Phase I of our consultations. The Maligne Valley Situation Analysis is a much stronger document thanks to everyone’s feedback. We look forward to receiving your feedback on the management actions proposed within the Maligne Valley Implementation Strategy.

Maligne Valley Implementation Strategy Process
Maligne Valley Implementation Strategy - Download PDF 598 kb

Phase 1 Engagement: Is now Closed

  • From November 2013 to February 2014, Parks Canada discussed the current situation as documented in the Maligne Valley Situation Analysis with the public and Aboriginal groups.
  • Information gaps and concerns identified through those discussions were addressed in an Addendum to the Situation Analysis.

Attached is a summary of what Parks Canada heard at the November 6 Annual Public Forum as well as a summary of what Parks Canada heard through the 29 correspondences received regarding the Maligne Valley Situation Analysis.

Phase 2 Engagement: Is now Closed

Thank you to everyone who provided us with comments on the Maligne Valley Implementation Strategy Discussion Paper (PDF 598 kb).

We will post our "what we heard" report later this fall.

Finalizing the Implementation Strategy

  • Anticipated to begin in Winter 2014.
  • Parks Canada will review what we heard through the spring public and aboriginal engagement consultations and prepare a final Maligne Valley Implementation Strategy, for approval by the Park Superintendent.
  • Information about the final Implementation Strategy will be posted on-line in spring 2015.

Maligne Valley Situation Analysis Map

Maligne Valley Situation Analysis Map  © Parks Canada