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Banff National Park

Woodland Caribou - Recovering a Species at Risk © Parks Canada / Mark Bradley

Woodland Caribou

Where are the caribou in Banff National Park?

Caribou historically occurred in two regions of Banff National Park. Caribou in the Nigel Pass area are part of the Brazeau Herd that range primarily in Jasper National Park and the White Goat Wilderness Area. Caribou also occurred in the Upper Pipestone and Siffleur Valleys. Most, or perhaps all, of this small population of less than ten animals were killed in an avalanche in spring 2009.

Another Chance

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What is Parks Canada doing?

Conservation Strategy for Southern Mountain Caribou in Canada’s National Parks  

Parks Canada has released a Conservation Strategy for Southern Mountain Caribou in Canada’s National Parks to guide caribou conservation actions in the mountain national parks of Banff, Jasper, Mount Revelstoke and Glacier. The strategy identifies key threats to the caribou populations and outlines actions to help mitigate these threats. 

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Caribou conservation is a priority under Parks Canada's
 nationwide Action on the Ground program.