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Jasper National Park

Closures and Warnings in Jasper

May 22, 2015 at 12:30 pm

Important Bulletins 

Stay Alert - Stay Safe during the spring calving season
  • AREA CLOSED: prescribed fire in progress - Vine Creek Trail and Celestine Lake Rd. Learn More
  • Area Closed for Elk Calving: along Athabasca River south of Alpine Village; between HWY 16 and Pine Bungalows; around Lac Beauvert to Old Fort Point. Learn More 
  • Warning: Elk Calving Season - Cow elk are dangerous! Learn more
  • Warning: Grizzly and black bears frequenting the Gold Course area - Jasper Park Lodge. Learn more
  • Area Closed for Grizzly bear trapping: within 100 metres of the Medicine Lake Pit. Learn more
  • Area Closed for Grizzly bear trapping: within 100 metres around the Watchtower Trailhead parking lot. Learn more
  • Area Closed for Grizzly bear trapping: 150 metres of the 3rd fairway on Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course. Learn More
  • Area Closed: Section of Trail 7- Grizzly and Black Bears frequenting the trail area. Learn More

Road Condition Report

  • Cavell Road: CLOSED to all use, including pedestrian and cyclists (May 12, 2015)
  • Geraldine Road: Seasonal winter closure (October 14, 2014)

Cavell Bridge Gets a Facelift This Spring!
As the snow melts on the mountains and you gear up for hiking season in the valley, Parks Canada will be busy replacing the Cavell Bridge on the scenic Cavell Road. The construction will take place from May 12 to June 25, 2015, at which time both the road and the bridge will open. For other scenic mountain drives, take the Maligne Valley road or the road to Miette Hot Springs and keep your eyes sharp for bears, bighorn sheep and other dramatic mountain vistas.

Cavell Bridge gets a facelift this spring!

Trails Conditions Report

  • Trail Designations for horses and bikes: Horses and bike riders are asked to remain on the signed, official trail network in the park (November 2012) Learn more
  • Pyramid, lower slopes of Signal Mountain, and Maligne priority wildlife movement corridors: Area closed to all human use (October 2012) Learn more
  • Area Closed to Dogs: Maligne Pass, Skyline Trail, Bald Hills and Opal Hills. Learn more
  • Area Closed to Dogs: Tonquin Valley Area, Verdant Pass and Whistler Creek, Cavell Meadows Trail. Learn more
  • Area Closed to Dogs: Jonas Creek and Poboktan Creek Area. Learn more

Travelling through the Mountain Parks?

Make sure you check Banff, Yoho and Kootenay national parks closures and warnings that may affect you’re planning.

Please respect all localized closures and enjoy your visit to the park!