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Transcript for Fall in Love: Jasper National Park

Parks Canada beaver logo fades in and out of screen

Young woman in slow motion stands up holding dog outside in winter.

The little things, isn’t that all there is. One after another, day after day, the little things begin to add up, to become, great memories.

Young woman making a snow angle in slow motion.

Think about that time at that place with someone who you’d forgotten about,

Young woman laying on ground looking up in slow motion.

the comfort you feel sharing a space with someone when just a look is better than words.

Close up of woman’s feet running through snow in slow motion.

Woman running though snow with dog on lease in slow motion.

The content feeling from watching your dog’s afternoon walk

Close up of dog running through snow in slow motion.

the ears, the quick feet.

Young woman and man standing up and throwing snow in the air in slow motion.

it was a perfect moment.

Young woman and man spinning around in slow motion.

The big stuff, family and friends, love and security, well they come from years of small and often forgotten moments,

Young woman and man falling backwards into snow in slow motion.

each one marking one step towards our big picture at each

Young woman and man lean into each other to kiss.

and every single little thing,

Fade to text of “Fall in Love – Jasper National Park”

well is a perfect moment unto itself.

Cut to Parks Canada Logo

Text fades in and out (Copyright Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by Parks Canada, 2014.)

Canada text with Canadian flag fades in and out

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