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Transcript for Red Chairs - Jasper National Park

Upbeat Music Starts

Beaver Logo fades in and out

Cuts to girl silhouetted by sun

Cut to side of girl looking out at river

Long shot of group of young adults looking at river

Shot of man standing on rock looking at river

Very quick cuts of group near river

Close up shot of feet running up stairs

Sun flair behind man

Slow motion of two men taking in view

Young man waving over people

Group running along trail

Man smiling

Group hiking in slow motion

Girl smiling

Man running up on rock and throwing hands in the air while yelling

Close up of feet walking by flower

Two girls dancing slow motion

Group laughing

Guy giving girl piggyback

Group walking to edge of trail

Man smiling with sun flair behind him

Girl looking over shoulder smiling

Feet walking with sun flair

Group slow motion running towards Red Chair

Group sitting in chairs

Close up shot from behind group in chairs

Group laughing in chairs with sun flair

Sunset with Chairs and group hiking home

Text Appears on screen “Jasper national Park Red Chairs”

Text appears on screen “ShareTheChair #jasperNP”

Cut to Parks Canada Logo

Text fades in and out (Copyright Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by Parks Canada, 2014.)

Canada text with Canadian flag fades in and out

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