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Transcript for Winter in Jasper National Park

Parks Canada beaver logo fades in and out of screen

Fade in to aerial shot above clouds and snow covered mountains

Areial shot of mountain covered in snow with peak in clouds

They say every snowflake is unique

Areial shot of mountain sticking out of glacier

Shot of snowstorm with pine trees in the background

with each on its own flight Travelling to an unknown destination.

Shot in forest of snow falling, snow on branshes.

Close up snow on the end of tree branch.

Well, maybe we're all like snowflakes in some ways.

Close up shot of someone grabbing mitts and a toque.

Sliding close up shot of snowshoes.

We're all unique,and we all travel along life’s trails

Sliding close up of someone grabbing skis.

Sliding close up of someone lacing up boots.

Panning shot of people in Maligne Canyon looking at frozen ice.

Family walking through Maligne Canyon, ice waterfall in background.

Three family members in Canyon, two look up.

Shot looking to the top of Canyon and the light coming down.

Panning shot of ice climber, climbing on ice waterfall.

Close up of ice climber kicking into the ice.

Close up of skier stepping into binding.

Long shot of skier sking down mountain side.

Climber on top of mouintain with rope coiled around his body.

Close up of climber trying rope to a harness.

Climber walking to top of snowy mountain peak with rope trailing behind him.

Girl drops puck on drozen lake to kids playing hockey.

Two girls throwing snow at each other.

Two girls and mother snowshoe through forest.

Close up of girls feet with snowshoes walking.

Close up of feet cross country skiing.

Cross country skiers ski across Pyramid Lake.

Group of people walk across Pyramid Island bridge as its getting dark.

Fire crew members putting together helitorch

Small girl points to the sky as its getting dark.

Small girl stands up and looks through telescope in the dark.

Fades to timelapse of a tree branch and stars.

But what if each snowflake could choose?

What if each tiny crystal falling from the sky had a bit of magic inside of it?

Timelapse of the Northen Lights.

They would choose a place where you find yourself amongst millions of stars

not thousands of cars.

Timelapse of stars with shooting star streaking across the sky.

Timelapse of sunrise on jagged mountain peaks with ski tracks in the foreground.

Where you follow a ski track, not the fast track.

Timelapse of clouds rolling over snowy Pyramid Mountain.

Where you find more than just life,

Shot of bighorn sheep in the snow.

Shot of elk deer walking through snowy field

The wildlife.

Close up of woman throwing snow in the air.

Close of of Kids high fiving while skating.

Close up of small child with a big smile.

Close up of another small girl smiling in a toque.

Close up of a dog sniffing the camera.

Close up of woman smiling while outside in the dark.

Close up of boy puting on skates smiling.

Close up of girl sitting outside laughing.

Close up of two mountain climbers smiling on top of winter peak.

Close up of skier giving the peace sign.

Ariel shot of skiers sking across snowy bridge.

Ariel shot of group walking out of Maligne Canyon.

Ariel shot of Ice climber on frozen waterfall.

Fades to snowy covered mountains with Beaver Logo and Text "Jasper National Park". Fades out.

So, Where will your snowflake land?

Parks Canada logo and text fades in and out

Text fades in and out (Copyright Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by Parks Canada, 2014.)

Canada text with Canadian flag fades in and out

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