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Jasper National Park

Geraldine Lakes Area

To access this beautiful area, follow Highway 93 to Athabasca Falls. Travel north on Hwy 93a for 1.1 km to the Geraldine Fire Road. The trailhead is located 6 km up this gravel road.

First Geraldine Lake

Trail 120 (moderate); 3.6 km return; elevation gain/loss: 200 m; 1-2 hours
Trailhead: Geraldine Lakes parking lot.

Sandwiched between the steep slopes of Mount Fryatt and Whirlpool Peak, First Geraldine Lake is a scenic lake set amongst the spruce forest.

Second Geraldine Lake

Trail 120 (difficult); 12.4 km return; elevation gain/loss: 608 m; 5-6 hours
Trailhead: Geraldine Lakes parking lot.

Beyond First Geraldine Lake, the trail becomes difficult, crossing boulder fields and ascending steep slopes. Your efforts are rewarded by the scenic waterfalls along the way. Note: Boulders are very slippery after rain or snowfall.

Geraldine Lookout

Trail 121 (moderate); 5 km return; elevation gain/loss: 283 m; 2 hours
Trailhead: Geraldine Lakes parking lot.

A 2.5 km stroll or bike up the old fire road brings you to a viewpoint overlooking the Whirlpool River valley and Moab Lake.

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