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Jasper National Park


Boating in rowboats and canoes is allowed on most of the ponds and lakes in the park. Boats with electric motors without on-board generators are allowed on most road-accessible lakes. Use of gas-powered motors is restricted. Ask Parks staff before launching.

Kayaking on Maligne Lake   Kayaking on Maligne Lake © Nicole Gaboury

Maligne Lake Travel And Wilderness Campgrounds

  • It is 13 km to Fisherman’s Bay campground and 21.3 km to Coronet Creek campground. Depending on the weather, experience, total weight, watercraft and physical condition, it can take 3 to 6 hours to get to Fisherman’s Bay and 5 to 9 hours to get to Coronet Creek.
  • The lake is usually calm until about 9 a.m., so we recommend an early start on your first day.
  • The wind is funnelled by the mountains and can change direction and intensity very quickly. You can expect the wind to come from different directions, or change directions throughout your trip. Sudden storms, cold temperatures and occasionally snow can be expected throughout the whole summer.
  • Tour boats travel down the centre of the lake and usually operate from 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. They can create large waves which are best taken head on, bow first.

Maligne Lake Map
Maligne Valley Travel Guide

Camping Passes

  • LENGTH OF STAY: Ice-off to June 30 / after Labor Day: maximum 4 nights total.  July and August: 2 nights maximum at each camp, 4 nights total.  You may not deviate from your registered itinerary.
  • The maximum group size, regardless of the number of sites or permits taken, is 10 people. THIS ALLOWS EVERYONE AT THE CAMPGROUNDS A PEACEFUL AND ENJOYABLE WILDERNESS EXPERIENCE.
  • You cannot switch dates between the two campgrounds, or decide to stay an extra night, unless the change is made with the Jasper Trail Office prior to the start of your trip.
  • A National Park Fishing Permit is required to fish at Maligne Lake. Children under the age of 16 do not require a fishing permit if accompanied by an adult who holds a valid fishing permit. (In this case, the combined catch will not exceed the limit for one permit, which is 2 fish in your possession at any time).

Safety and Wildlife

  • DON’T OVERLOAD YOUR WATERCRAFT. YOU SHOULD LEAVE AT LEAST 30 CM OR 12 INCHES OF FREE BOARD (space between the water level and the top of your watercraft).
  • The lake is cold and hypothermia (low body core temperature) is a major concern if you capsize (flip over). ALWAYS PADDLE CLOSE TO SHORE AND WEAR A LIFE JACKET.
  • If you see that bad weather is coming in, paddle closer to shore, as the wind can change rapidly and create large waves in a matter of minutes.
  • Although small watercraft have priority over the powered tour boats, please avoid crossing in front of them: this could put your life and other people’s in danger.
  • Please do your part to limit the impact on park wildlife. Give all the animals you see the respect they deserve and the space they need. If they become accustomed to being around people, they are in danger of losing that very thing that makes them special: their wildness.
  • Black bears and grizzlies are present in the area. Please follow bear country recommendations; talk to Information Centre staff and get a copy of the Bears and People brochure.

General Information

  • Food storage lockers are provided at both campgrounds. There is one locker per site. Store all food, garbage, beverages, scented articles and stoves in these bear-proof lockers.
  • Campfires are ONLY permitted in firegrates. Firewood is not provided at the campgrounds.
  • If you wish to have a campfire, you may collect dead wood along the lakeshore en route, but please don’t collect wood near the campgrounds. Because of the lake’s popularity and the high use of the area, WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU BRING YOUR OWN FIREWOOD.
  • It is against the law to cut down standing live or dead trees for firewood or tent poles.
  • The firegrates and the picnic tables are for all campers to share!!
  • Campground check-in and check out time is 11 a.m.


Quiet time is all the time!! NO NOISE from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m. Please be courteous and considerate of others.

Electric generators are not permitted on the lake or in the campgrounds.

PLEASE NOTE: Noise complaints in the past have been related to parties, stereos and non-emergency use of flares. THIS BEHAVIOUR IS NOT ACCEPTABLE OR TOLERATED. Please report any individual or group that might have diminished your National Park wilderness experience to the Maligne Lake Wardens after your trip or during their routine lake and campground patrols or to the Jasper National Park Trail Office.