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Jasper National Park

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – When can I run my generator?
A – Generators can be used, to supply power to sleeping units, between the hours of 8:00-9:30am and 5:00-7:00pm

Q – How many people are permitted on a campsite?
A – Up to 6 people, or parents and their dependant children, using up to one vehicle and one camping unit, are allowed per site.

Q – Where can I make a reservation?
A – Parks Canadas Campground Reservation Service is online at, or by phoning 1-877 RESERVE (737-3783) on January 13, 2016 - 8:00 a.m. Mountain Time, Bookings for Pocohontas, Whistlers, Wabasso and Wapiti campgrounds. All other campgrounds operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

Q – When’s check out time?
A – 11:00 am at all campgrounds.

Q – Where can I have a shower?
A – Whistlers and Wapiti campground include showers with camping fees. Paid admission to Miette Hotsprings include showers, and is a good option for those staying at Pocahontas campground.

Q – Where can I fill up or dump my trailer’s water tanks?
A - Whistlers, Wapiti, Wabasso and Wilcox creek campgrounds all offer dumping stations, A dump station can also be found in the Jasper townsite industrial park.

"Bare" campsite program

Q – Do I need to worry about bears at my campsite?
A – Yes and No. It depends on you and your actions when camping in bear country. Bears are naturally wary of people, but can become a serious hazard if they become used to human-created food sources. Keep a clean campsite and ensure that anything associated with food, cooking, personal hygiene and pets, is stored in your vehicle or in the provided lockers when you’re not using it. Do not take food or anything associated with it into your tent. Not only is it the safe thing to do, it’s also a requirement of camping in any national park. For tips and information on keeping your campsite safe, in bear country, check out the Bare Campsite program for helpful information: BARE Campsite PDF link. The ''Bare'' Campsite Program

Q – How do I have a campfire? Do I need to bring my own wood?
A – First, purchase a campfire permit when you register for your campsite. Campfire permits can be purchased for all campsites that have a metal fire pit. Next, pick up your from the central firewood supply. Firewood is already split and available for your use within the campground. With your campfire permit, firewood is free to use, within reason. So there’s no need to bring your own firewood from home.

Q – Are special sites available for those with limited mobility?
A – Yes – special campsites are available at Whistlers, Pocahontas and Wabasso Campgrounds that are relatively flat, large and close to the bathrooms.

Q - When’s the best time of year to camp in Jasper?
A – Camping is actually available year round in Jasper National Park. Each season brings opportunities for experiencing the national park in many different ways.

Summer - all camping options are open and available in Jasper National Park. Campgrounds are at their busiest- nightly interpretive shows are available at Whistlers and several other outlying campgrounds including Wabasso and Wilcox Creek.

Spring/Fall - the crowds are gone and the weather is- excellent, especially in September and October. Some of the outlying campgrounds are closed until mid June or after Labour Day.
Wapiti, Whistlers and Wilcox Creek offer some good camping options after the peak summer has come and gone.

Winter - Wapiti winter campground opens and has electrical plug-ins and a heated shower available. Just a short drive from Marmot Basin and very close to Jasper’s wonderful winter trails, this is a great place to rest and an affordable option for many who want to experience Jasper’s winter splendor!