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Elk Island National Park

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Planning for the Future: 2011 Management Planning Update

Why a management plan?

Management plans are forward-looking documents that provide a vision of national parks and national historic sites at their future best and the strategies for getting there. The management plan will guide Parks Canada’s decisions and actions in protecting, presenting and operating Elk Island National Park.

Update - October 2011

In August 2010, updating the Elk Island National Park of Canada management plan began. Newsletter #1, Planning for the Future (PDF,  829 KB) was distributed by mail, e-mail and website to inform the public about the management planning and opportunities for how to get involved. A draft vision, park challenges and proposed strategies for the updated plan were included for the public’s consideration.

Two open houses were held in Edmonton and Lamont at the end of August. These offered the public further opportunity to learn about Elk Island and the planning program, and to talk with the park planning team and provide comments directly to them. A one-day workshop with park stakeholders, held in September, did further work on the draft park vision and strategies. Several First Nations communicated with the park about the planning program.

This first stage of planning and consultation ended September 8th. The planning team of Elk Island National Park staff with support from the Parks Canada Western and Northern Service Centre considered this input when it undertook the second stage of drafting a proposed management plan.

Newsletter #2, What We Heard – What’s Next (PDF, 3.0 MB), informs you of: what Parks Canada heard in the first stage of public consultation to update the Elk Island National Park management plan; how public input helped shape the proposed management plan; and what opportunities lay ahead for you to comment on and provide further input to the proposed plan.

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