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Elk Island National Park of Canada

Environmental Assessments

Park Conservation Biologist

Following are environmental assessments completed for various projects that are taking place in Elk Island National Park during the year 2001. The goal of these various assessments is to fulfill Elk Island's commitment to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act and to enhance the ecological integrity of the Park by minimizing the negative impacts of various activities and projects. For more information, please contact the Park's Conservation Biologist at 1-780-992-2975.

Weed Control

Assess the impact of using various herbicides and other methods for controlling noxious weeds.

Research and monitoring projects

The research that was assessed included: native prairie restoration, amphibian, bird and mammal studies. Archaeological, bird, plant, and mammal monitoring took place, as well as monitoring of various ecological processes.

Wildlife handling facilities assessments

Included repairs/ replacement/ modifications to elk and bison handling facilities and ungulate fences.

Trail Repairs

Repairs to park trail bridges took place. Repairs also included some bridge deck replacements.

Monitoring of day to day park activities for environmental impact also took place.