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Grade 6 - “F.I.T (Forest Investigator Team)”

  • Program Type – Guided Hike (3.5km) and Workshop
  • Location –Astotin Lake Area and Lakeview Trail
  • Program Length – 3 Hours 
  • # of Participants – 30 (max.)

The biological diversity of the Beaver Hills has been protected in Elk Island National Park for over 100 years . During this same period the area surrounding the park has grown to become an industrial metropolis, fuelling Canada’s economy. A new company, Sneer Enterprises Inc., claims that part of Elk Island National Park no longer requires protection because they have never seen any animals in that area. Therefore they would like to partner with Elk Island and develop a new theme park and shopping plaza to entertain the over one million people living in the greater Edmonton area.

Forest Investigation Team!
Forest Investigation Team 
© Parks Canada

Students hit the trail and conduct an investigation to determine if Sneer Enterprises Inc.’s claims and propositions are valid. They present their evidence, opinions and conclusions at a town hall style meeting and help Elk Island decide whether to protect or to develop a portion of our park.

Students participate in a fictitious but potentially real scenario in the F.I.T. (Forest Investigator Team) program, which demonstrates how Parks Canada uses physical, biological and social science as well as public feedback to help manage its protected areas. This program connects to a number of elements in the Grade 6 Science, Social Studies and Physical Education curriculum.