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Elk Island National Park

Learning Experiences

Education First Hand

 Étude de Létang Pond Study - The Underwater Adventure of Mr. Drizzle and his class
© Parks Canada / C. Koslo / August 2002

Elk Island National Park offers exciting opportunities for visitors and students to learn about ecological processes, the Family of Parks Canada, and the significance of Elk Island National Park. Onsite summer interpretation programs, school group environmental education programs, exhibits, self-guided trails, special events and the Information Centre all offer learning opportunities for visitors of all ages.




Information Centre

The Information Centre is located at the south end of the park (map) near the south gate and is open daily during the summer. You can speak with Parks Canada staff and see displays on the park's history and natural heritage.

How to Register for School Programs

Advance bookings are required for all programs. Programs are booked on a first-come, first-serve basis. Confirmations and receipts will be issued. For more information or to book a program contact the park interpretation staff.

Exhibits and Viewpoints

Exhibits are located at the following locations:

  • Pull-off on the main parkway near the Information Centre with a map of the park.
  • Information Centre
  • Golf course club house
  • Tawayik Lake picnic area
  • Hayburger trailhead
  • Moss lake trailhead
  • Beaver Pond trailhead
  • Wood Bison trailhead
  • Living Waters Boardwalk
  • Astotin Lake Area

Some of the most spectacular views in the park can be seen on the shores of Astotin Lake and Tawayik Lake, especially at sunset. Viewing scopes are available at both locations. The 11 self-guided trails also provide striking vistas along the way. See the map of the park and the map of the Astotin Lake Area for locations.

Self-guided Trails

Elk Island National Park offers 11 self-guided trails that vary in length from a short leisurely stroll across the Living Waters Boardwalk to the scenic 18.6 km Wood Bison Trail. Three short hikes are accessible from the Astotin Lake Area where the campground is located. Amisk Wuche Trail and Lakeview Trail take about one hour to complete. Shoreline Trail is paved and wheelchair accessible. See the map of the park for trail locations and the walking and hiking link for the length and description of each trail.

Activities for Children

Elk Island National Park is a beautiful place to give children the opportunity to explore nature. There are three trails under 4 km in length: Amisk Wuche, Lakeview and Beaver Pond. The Living Waters Boardwalk is a 300 m floating sidewalk off the shore of Astotin Lake. In the Astotin Lake Area, children can enjoy the playground and the beach. Due to swimmers itch, swimming is not recommended. However, children can build sand castles and watch the amusing Richardson's ground squirrels. Please remind your children that it is important not to feed or chase the animals in the park. See the map of the park and the map of the Astotin Lake Area for locations.