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Elk Island National Park of Canada

Oster Lake Backcountry Tenting User Guide & Agreement

Site Description

The Oster Lake Group Tenting Area is located on the west shore of Oster Lake. This tenting only site consists of one large open area that is intended for group camping and can accommodate a maximum of 75 people. The site can be accessed by hiking the Shirley Lake Trail (6km) or by hiking the Oster access road (6km) starting at the Tawayik Lake picnic area. The site is equipped with picnic tables, a fire pit, barbeque stoves, two pump-out toilets and an open area for recreation. Unsplit firewood is provided; be sure to bring an axe. NO WATER is available at this site. The gated entrance to the area is locked; in the summer, a combination to unlock this gate may be provided to the undersigned, to allow groups to drive in their equipment. A maximum of 2 NON-CAMPERIZED vehicles are permitted. Special consideration may be given to large non-profit groups. During the winter the site must be accessed by foot, snowshoe or cross country skiing.


Summer: call (780) 922-5833 to make a reservation. Available 20 May to 14 October.


Camping :
Per-Night Per-Person:

(Children under age 6 free) $4.90
Fire Permit
(Per-day per-group) $8.80

Day Passes :
Day permits (Personal User Fees) are valid until 16:00 the day following purchase. For example, if you are staying two nights you will need a two-day permit.
Adult $7.80/day
Senior (65+) $6.80/day
Child/Youth (6-16yrs) $3.90/day
Family Group $19.60/day (vehicle with 2 adults & up to 5 children)
Commercial Group $6.80/person/day (must be on a bus)
School Group
per-student, per-day $2.90
School Group, with program
per-student, per-day $3.90/student

Park entrance fees will be collected from ALL individuals entering the park, even if they are only dropping someone off. Please ensure that everyone concerned knows this in advance.

Payment for the Personal User Fee (Day Pass) can made at the South Gate, North Gate, West Gate, Sandy Beach Campground or purchased from the Automatic Payment Machine located at the gates. All major credit cards, debit and cash are accepted at the gates; Automated Machines accept credit cards and exact coin only. Payment for group camping MUST be made at the South Gate or mailed in advance.

Annual Passes:
Available for both Elk Island National Park and 27 of Canada's
National Parks .

Interpretative programs can be booked with park personnel and
bookings must be made in advance.
For more information or to book a program contact the park interpretation staff


This site can be accessed by hiking the Shirley Lake Trail (6km) or by hiking the Oster access road starting at the Tawayik Lake picnic area (6km). Only 2 NON-CAMPERIZED vehicles are permitted into the area to bring in equipment and for emergency purposes only; the gate must remain locked while your group is occupying the site. If there are latecomers the contact person must remain at the gate to ensure that it is closed behind the group. The speed limit is 50 km/h or lower, depending on conditions, along the Oster access road. Please watch for wildlife, hikers, cyclists and park staff. Only emergency vehicles are permitted after 22:00.

Parking space is available for a maximum of 2 vehicles, which may remain at the site for personal safety. Vehicles are not permitted beyond the bollards delineating the parking areas. Additional vehicles must park at the parking lot of the Tawayik Lake picnic area and display a valid park pass and a valid camping permit.

Canoes and kayaks are permitted on Oster Lake. Paddlers must be prepared to self-rescue as the Lake is not patrolled. Please minimize disturbance of waterfowl. A maximum of 4 boats are allowed on Oster Lake at one time. Motorboats (including boats with electric motors) and sailing are not permitted on Oster Lake.

Bison and other wild animals roam freely throughout the park. Please review safety tips in the Visitor Guide, on the reverse side of our Trail Map, one of our Wildlife Safety brochures, speak with park personnel or click here to learn more about wildlife safety. Dogs must be leashed or contained at all times to help prevent wildlife confrontations.

Quiet time:
23:00 - 07:00. No refund will be issued if you are asked to vacate for violation of quiet hours.

Alcohol is not permitted in the Oster Lake Backcountry Group Tenting Area.

Clean up:
Please ensure that the area is left clean and that you report any damage to a Gate or Campground Attendant. The “BARE” campground program is in effect.

Check out:
11:00. Arrangements can be made to extend these hours; a fee may apply.

One vehicle should remain on-site at all times to provide emergency transportation. Hospitals are located in Lamont and Fort Saskatchewan. Please note that the Lamont Hospital closes at 20:00; emergencies must be taken to Fort Saskatchewan. Payphones are available at the Sandy Beach Campground kiosk and near the washrooms by the beach parking lot. Cell phone service may be unreliable depending on your service provider. The emergency number. Response times may be up to an hour.


I, the undersigned, understand and agree to the above terms and regulations. Please return signed agreement to Gate or Campground Attendant upon, or prior to arrival.

Renter's Signature: