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Well-dressed Wildlife

Summer has finally arrived in Banff National Park – sure took its time with a lot of cool, wet weather! This is the season when wildlife in the park looks their best: new antlers wrapped in soft velvet, winter coats are shed and sleek clean summer ones are revealed.

Look how scruffy the goats are, and how good the bull elk looks in velvet. Soon these goats will look pretty snappy themselves, like the dapper bearded Billy. 
wild images 
Mountain goats and elk © Parks Canada

wild images 
Mountain goat © Parks Canada

The grizzly bears look very healthy too. They have overwintered and hibernated without a significant loss in body mass and have obviously found some spring chow! Check out the wet one, it has just crossed the creek and looks like it has been in a tussle with another bear – there’s a bit missing from its right ear.

wild images 
Grizzly bear © Parks Canada

wild images 
Grizzly bear © Parks Canada

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