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January 5-15: Occasional Nordic Trail Closures in Lake Louise for Cross-Country Ski Competition

On January 14 and 15 the Alberta World Cup Society and Canmore Nordic Ski Club are hosting the Haywood NorAM 2015 Western Canadian Cross-Country Ski Championships in Lake Louise. The races on January 14 and 15, 2015 will involve 50 to 100 participants and will occur on portions of the Upper Telemark, Upper Tramline, Fairview and Moraine Lake Road ski trails totalling 10 km. This is a test event for a proposed Ski Tour Canada 2016 event which Parks Canada has not yet permitted.

What can we expect?

The Lake Louise Shoreline and ice rinks will remain open and visitors will be safely escorted over track-set areas. Some cross-country ski trails will experience closures for grooming and racing.

Visitors wishing to avoid occasional closures can ski these trails: 

  • Bow River Loop 
  • Lower Tramline 
  • Great Divide (Old 1A) 
  • Pipestone Trails 
  • Bow Valley Parkway Trails

On January 5-15, 2015 occasional closures for grooming purposes will take place on: 

  • Moraine Lake Road 
  • Upper Tramline 
  • Fairview 
  • Upper Telemark

On January 14 & 15 from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm the following trails will be closed

  • Upper Tramline 
  • Fairview 
  • Upper Telemark
  • Moraine Lake Road will remain open but recreational skiers will be asked to ski to one side for the first 2 km to the Fairview Junction.

What’s next?

Parks Canada is working closely with the proponent to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to safeguard the environment, ensure public safety, and minimise the impact to visitors. It’s important to note that this event is occurring on existing cross country ski trails in and around Lake Louise, will use only temporary structures and will only result in direct disruption to the usual visitor pattern during set up and when the race activities occur. Completion of a basic environmental impact analysis was required prior to the permitting for the 2015 event.

If the International Ski Federation (FIS) approves of Lake Louise as a site for a proposed Ski Tour Canada 2016 event, a detailed environmental impact analysis will be required.

Looking for more information?

Alberta World Cup Society 


Alyssa Salloway, Parks Canada Liaison