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Elizabeth Parker and the Alpine Club of Canada


This one-woman show takes you back to 1906, into the soul of Elizabeth Parker: feisty patriot, prolific writer and tireless promoter of the Canadian Alps. Find out how a woman who never reached the summit of a mountain became the mother of the Alpine Club of Canada, and how that legacy lives on in the Mountain Parks today. 25 minutes, with an optional 15 minute video history of the ACC.



“As far as I can take you” – the Life of Conrad Kain

This one-man play traces the journey of the Alpine Club of Canada's first professional mountain guide from his humble beginnings in the Austrian Alps through his most famous triumph in the Canadian Rockies: the summit of Mount Robson. The play is inspired by Kain's own words - gathered from personal letters - describing his experience as an immigrant to Canada, his "principles of guiding," and his deep love of natural beauty. Actor David Thomson embodies Kain's gregarious quick wit, connecting audiences to this mountaineering legend who continues to inspire generations of climbers. Presented in celebration of the Mount Robson Centennial. 45 minutes, with an optional time for Q & A.

Elizabeth Parker and the Alpine Club of Canada and “As far as I can take you” – the Life of Conrad Kain are available for group bookings: mountainwit.latroupeesprit@pc.gc.ca 

Wild Sings

Are you curious about wildlife in the mountain national parks? Can you tell the difference between a bighorn sheep and a mountain goat? How about a grizzly bear and a black bear? Parks Canada's Mountain WIT invites you to sing along with hilarious, catchy tunes that teach you all you need to know about our favourite alpine animals. 20 to 60 minutes


Survival on the Move

Discover how Banff National Park’s wildlife crossing structures are working. This slide presentation & talk includes recent research photos, stories of success and ongoing challenges for the team managing our first and busiest national park. 60 minutes

Wildlife Crossings Table

This hands-on exhibit opens the door to meaningful conversations about the wildlife crossing structures on the Trans-Canada Highway through Banff National Park. Featuring attractive toys for the little ones and current research photos for adults, it works for all ages & is easily adaptable to the interests and knowledge level of each visitor. Drop-in activity

Digger the Grizzly gets a Second Chance

Meet Digger, a wayward sub-adult grizzly bear who helps to teach people about how to be safer in bear country. The story goes: Digger is stuck in this bear trap because he got into some human food at a campsite. Digger has to do “community service” until he can be re-released into the Bow Valley. Digger learns his lesson about approaching campsites for food, but needs the help of every human in order to remain wild and free. Young and old are fascinated by this cheeky and charming talking grizzly. Drop-in activity


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