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Banff National Park

Wedding Ceremonies

Banff National Park Application Form

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The world-class scenery of Banff National Park makes it an attractive place to hold wedding ceremonies. While we offer unparalleled opportunities, there are special considerations associated with conducting activities within the national park boundaries. Organisers must complete an application form to ensure they are aware of these special conditions. This application also helps Parks Canada to identify where events are taking place at any given time



Home Telephone #:
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Event Location:

Event Date:

Number of participants:

'I have read and agree to all conditions for wedding ceremonies in Banff National Park'.


Note: The organiser is at all times responsible for conduct of the people in his or her group.

The details above are obtained for informational purposes only. Reservations for wedding ceremonies are not available.

This form can be mailed to Box 900, Banff, Alberta, T1L 1K2, faxed to 403 762 3380 or delivered to the Banff Administration Building, 101 Mountain Ave. For information call: 403 762-1500.


All activities and events within national parks are subject to rules and regulations aimed at minimizing their impact on the park and on other visitors' enjoyment

  • The park is a public place; therefore exclusive rights to an area are not permitted. Areas cannot be cordoned off for personal use.
  • Wedding participants are required to comply with National Park Regulations at all times.
  • All participants must possess a valid National Park Pass.
  • Participants must not disturb the park's natural and cultural resources (ie: no picking or disturbance of flower beds, setting up of chairs or removal of trees or branches).
  • No confetti or rice may be thrown, and a thorough clean up of the site is required immediately after the event.
  • The event must comply with the Gaming and Liquor Control Act of Alberta. Law prohibits open alcohol in public places.
  • No gas-powered generators, excessive noise, unruly behaviour, loud music or P.A. systems will be allowed. Quiet music such as a guitar, flute or harp is permitted.
  • Groups using shelters should be aware that day use areas close at 2300 hours.
  • The organizer accepts full responsibility for any incidents, and/or costs of clean up or site rehabilitation resulting from the event.

To minimize impact on the site and on other visitors we recommend that you:

  • limit the number of participants/guests attending the ceremony to a maximum of 20 people;
  • and - keep vehicular traffic to a minimum (use car pooling or group transportation).

The long-term protection of the park's resources depends on continued support from the community and its users.