Banff National Park of Canada


Geocaher in training  
Geocacher in training / © Parks Canada

The Banff National Park Geocaching Activity Sheet is a free one-page activity that highlights Parks Canada’s new caches in Banff National Park. The activity sheet includes instructions on finding a cache, coordinates for five caches found within the park and questions about each cache as proof that it was found. Geocachers who find 3 to 5 caches in the park can obtain a Banff National Park Geocoin souvenir from the Banff Information Centre.


  1. Locate 3-5 caches in the park.
  2. Sign the logbook inside the cache.
  3. Read the “Fun Fact”. 
  4. Answer the corresponding question on this activity sheet. 
  5. Put the ‘’Fun fact’’ back in the box for others to read. 
  6. Return to the Banff Information Centre at 224 Banff Avenue with the activity sheet to claim your official Banff National Park Geocoin! 
  7. You can log your findings on

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