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Banff National Park


Geocaching is an interactive treasure hunt conducted with a GPS unit © Parks Canada / Nicholas Alexander

Banff National Park offers two geocaching challenges that cater to different ages and abilities. Both challenges will take geocachers to special corners of Banff National Park.

Geocaching in Banff National Park is different than geocaching in other areas. The activity is a self-guided interpretation experience and trade items are not allowed in national park geocaches.

How to get started:

Banff National Park geocaching activity sheets are available by download below or for pick up at the Banff Visitor Centre

Banff National Park geocache coordinates can also be found on Search for the location ‘Banff, Alberta’ and view the geocaches maintained by ‘Banff National Park’.

Use either a GPS, iPhone or Blackberry to find the caches (when using a smartphone, download the geocaching app).

Once a minimum of three Banff National Park geocaches have been found and the corresponding proof-of-find questions have been answered, bring your activity sheet(s) to the Banff Visitor Centre to claim your official Banff National Park Geocoin! A minimal $4.00 fee applies.

General information on geocaching at Parks Canada sites, including how to establish new geocaches 

official Banff National Park Geocoin