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Species at Risk

The Redstreak Restoration Project

What is the Restreak Restoration Project?

The Redstreak Restoration Project, adjacent to the Redstreak campground, is a multi-year and multi-partnered ecosystem-based management project with the following goals:

  • restore bighorn sheep winter range and associated open forest/grassland ecosystems;
  • provide winter and spring habitat for bighorns that is safe from vehicle collisions;
  • reduce the risk of catastrophic fire adjacent to the Redstreak Campground and the community of Radium Hot Springs;

Crew with drip torches in restoration area.
Crews start a prescribed burn in the restoration area with drip torches.
© Parks Canada / A. Dibb / 2005

Where is the Redstreak Restoration Project?

Blackened ground 3 days post-burn.
Blackened ground 3 days after the burn.
© Parks Canada / A. Dibb / 2005

The Redstreak Restoration Area Southwestern end of Kootenay National Park of Canada adjacent to Radium Hot Springs, British Columbia. Kootenay National Park is the only British-Columbia National Park containing the grassland ecosystem.

Grasslands occur mainly on the dry eastern side of the many north-south mountain ranges that dominate the landscape of British Columbia. The complex mountainous landscape of British Columbia has generated much more diversity in our grasslands compared to those in the large plateau landscapes of the western United States.