The Redstreak Restoration Project, adjacent to the Redstreak campground, is a multi-year and multi-partnered ecosystem-based management project. Kootenay National Park of Canada is the only British Columbia National Park containing the grassland ecosystem. Grasslands are recognized as one of British Columbia most threatened ecosystems and more than 30% of British Columbia’s threatened and endangered species depend upon grasslands to survive. The project aimed at restoring the bighorn sheep winter range and associated open forest and grassland ecosystem and reducing the risk of catastrophic fire adjacent to Redstreak Campground and the community of Radium Hot Spring.

Aerial view of the Redstreak Restoration Area. Restored block contrasts with surrounding ingrown forest.
Newly thinned provincial block of restoration area, contrasting with ingrown forests stands across the rest of the slope (Radium Hot Springs village in top right corner).
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