pacificrimA dromedary jumping-slug taking a well-deserved rest
A dromedary jumping-slug taking a well-deserved rest

"High-energy" is one phrase unlikely to bring to mind slugs, creatures that tend to grab our attention only when we find them in the vegetable garden.

Not so for the newest critter to be added to the species list of Pacific Rim National Park Reserve of Canada. When threatened, the sleek, humpbacked and slightly slimy dromedary jumping-slug launches into feats of acrobatics unheard of among its lethargic local cousins.

With its Canadian range thus far restricted to Vancouver Island-with only one or two slugs at most sites-the dromedary jumping-slug was identified as threatened by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada in May 2003. The slug seems to have a penchant for older forests; all known threats to the slug are associated with habitat loss, fragmentation and degradation incurred by logging.

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