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Week of May

May – it’s the end and it’s the beginning in Banff National Park. Winter gives way to spring, and summer is just around the corner. It’s a time of transition in the park, where the lower valleys are teeming with wildlife and the upper alpine is still wearing a blanket of snow. May visitors to Banff National Park treasure the quiet landscape and enjoy lots of surprises. And the mood? It changes frequently with the dynamic clouds and weather changes. Hope to see you in May this year.

By: Ray Schmidt and Adam Greenberg

Music: In the Name of Love by Bert Jerred

Restoring to Zero Restoring to Zero
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Blue Video Blue
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Gros Morne Gros Morne
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Nahanni Nahanni
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Grey Owl’s Cabin Grey Owl’s Cabin
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Jasper Jasper
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Pacific Rim Pacific Rim
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Wapusk Wapusk
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Wild Images Wild Images
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