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Yoho National Park
Opabin Plateau, Tuesday 05:30

Join researcher, Sarah McArthur, at dawn on the Opabin Plateau in Yoho National Park. The birdsongs heard here were recorded on location in Yoho National Park.

Bird surveys help Parks Canada monitor the health of breeding bird populations in Yoho National Park. To capture these sounds Sarah rose before dawn, hiked to a predetermined location, set up a microphone and recording equipment, then remained completely silent and still for the duration of the recording.

Restoring to Zero Restoring to Zero
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Blue Video Blue
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Gros Morne Gros Morne
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Nahanni Nahanni
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Grey Owl’s Cabin Grey Owl’s Cabin
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Jasper Jasper
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Pacific Rim Pacific Rim
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Wapusk Wapusk
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Wild Images Wild Images
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