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Easy Omelette Easy Omelette
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Easy Omelette

Makes: 2 servings


2-3 eggs
Grated cheese
Sliced mushrooms
Diced veggies or leftover fire-roasted potatoes
Fresh or dried herbs
Diced leftover sausage or bacon


At your campsite
Make sure you have some embers in your campfire, or preheat a cast iron griddle on your camping stove.

Layer two thicknesses of 1-foot square pieces of heavy duty foil together on top of each other. Lightly grease the centre area (about a 6-inch square) with butter. In a pot or bowl, whisk the eggs with a fork. Add all your ingredients to the egg mixture. (The more ingredients you have the better, as this helps the eggs cook faster and your mixture inside is not so runny, so less likely to leak.) Carefully seal the top of your foil, creating a leak-proof pouch. Cook the pouch in the embers for about five minutes or until the omelette is almost done and no longer runny; turn the pouch over and finish off the other side.

Paired with fresh fruit and yoghurt, this is a delicious energy-packed breakfast.

Insider’s Tips 

  • Many leftovers could be added to the eggs: chopped up avocado, onions, garlic, cooked ham or chicken. 
  • A pinch of salt will help the eggs break down, making a smoother omelette. 
  • Why not make a bit extra and put it in a couple of tortillas along with some tinned black beans; wrap it up in foil or waxed paper, and you have lunch burritos for the day's hike!