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The Basics: Where to Camp

Where to begin camping

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island National Park Prince Edward Island National Park
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Prince Edward Island National Park

At Prince Edward Island National Park you will be enchanted by the miles of unspoiled beach, the beautiful landscapes and the playful shorebirds flitting along the water’s edge. Enjoy an early morning stroll down one of the many picturesque beaches.

A 30 minute drive from Charlottetown and a 4-hour drive from Halifax.

Must do

Wake to the sound of waves washing against the shore just beyond your tent. Zip open the door to reveal the sun rising over the spectacular red cliffs of Cavendish. The day is yours; take a moment and savour the light scent of the sea, the sound and the colour that surrounds you.

Wildlife you might see 

  1. Red Fox 
  2. Great Blue Heron 
  3. Snowshoe Hare 
  4. Bald Eagle 
  5. Red Squirrel

Insider’s tip

No camping trip to Prince Edward Island National Park is complete without a scrumptious seafood feast! Be sure to bring along a big pot for steaming lobster, and don’t forget a fork and nutcracker for digging out those last few delicious morsels.

For more information on camping and the other experiences available, visit the Prince Eward Island National Park website or call our National Information Service toll-free at 1-888-773-8888.