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The Basics - What to Know

Camping at night

A group of friends enjoying a campfire at their campsite
A group of friends enjoying a campfire at their campsite
© Parks Canada / C. Reardon

While you are camping, the night can be full of wonderful experiences for you and the whole family. Sitting around the campfire, stargazing, telling stories; night time at the campground is full of opportunities to bond with the family and create lasting memories.

Things you should know:

Flashlights and headlamps

Make sure to have flashlights and headlamps for your trip. After the sun goes down the campgrounds get very dark. You’ll want to use these to help you see at night to do such things as find things around the campsite and walk to the washrooms. Make sure you have extra batteries so that you are not left in the dark with a dead flashlight or headlamp.

One tip is to have your flashlights and headlamps ready before the sun goes down. Have these close by so that when you need them, they are easily found. Also, keep necessities in easy to reach places..

Remember to be careful where you are pointing your lights. Although you will need the lights to navigate to places like the washroom at night, no one appreciates having a light shone needlessly in their direction.


Although not necessary, you may want to bring a lantern. Lantern cast more light then most headlamps or flashlights and will help illuminate your campsite. Placed on the picnic table, they can light up the night and allow you to prepare snacks, play games etc.

Lanterns come in many shapes, sizes and varieties from gas powered to battery to candle. Ask for advice from your friends, family or your local camping store to see which one may be best for you. Each type has advantages and disadvantages associated with them so it is advisable to be well informed before purchasing one for you and your family.

Quiet hours

Please note that many campgrounds have quiet hours from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. to ensure a quality family experience. Quiet hours may also include bans on fire and alcohol consumption. Please make sure to inquire if there are any such regulations at your campground.

Evening programming

Don’t forget to check with the visitor centre to see if there are any evening activities or interpretive programming available during your stay. Many of our campgrounds and parks offer different programming at night including outdoor theatres, campfire and stargazing programs and more!

Want to find out more before you leave? Contact the parks directly, or call us toll-free at 1-888-773-8888.