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The Basics - What to Know

What to do when it rains?

Although we all wish to have sunny days with clear skies throughout our vacations, rain does fall sometimes. By planning ahead, rainy days can be just as fun as sunny days.

In The tent

If you are camping with kids, make sure to plan and pack some activities for when it rains. A deck of cards is small and gives you many different games to pass the time. Board games (travel editions are smaller and easier to pack) are something the whole family can enjoy in the tent. Other ideas for kids include bringing colouring supplies, books, puzzles or even the portable DVD player to watch a family movie. You’ll be surprised at how it easy it is to spend a great family day bonding during a rainy day.


Picnic/cooking shelter at Cedar Spring Campground Picnic/cooking shelter at Cedar Spring Campground
© Parks Canada / Matt Semel

If possible, set up a large tarp over your picnic table. A tarp will not only give you a shady spot to escape the sun, but will also allow you to cook, eat and do activities around the picnic table in the rain.

When you are setting up your tarp, remember to leave one end slightly lower than the other and to get it as taut as possible. This will allow water to run off the tarp. Just remember to plan where you want the water to run off to –away from your tent!

If you don’t have a tarp, try visiting one of the kitchen shelters. Many campgrounds offer these roofed shelters that will allow you to cook and eat while escaping the rain.

Visitor Centres

Fresh out of ideas? Come and visit the park’s visitor centre. Most national parks have daily programming and activities for visitors and some are even inside! For more information, contact the park directly.

Learn what is around the campground

Some campgrounds are located near communities directly inside the national parks. Others are a short drive to a nearby town. Before you leave home, find out what is available nearby that may interest you and your family on a rainy day. For more information, contact the park directly, or the local chamber of commerce.

Parks Canada Staff Tips

Even if it is nice outside when you arrive, set up your campsite like it was going to rain because you never know what the weather will bring. Better safe than sorry! From staff at Forillon National Park