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The Basics - What to Bring


A Parks Canada visitor setting up a tent Setting up the tent
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Tents come in many different sizes, shapes and price ranges. Remember to go with a tent that matches your style of camping. Small, lightweight 2-person tents are clearly not designed for family camping. If you are purchasing or renting a tent, make sure to talk to friends, family and your local camping store staff for advice on choosing the best fit for you.

Before you leave home, make sure your tent has all the pieces you need including pegs, poles, tent body and tent fly. You may also want to bring the ground sheet (for protection of the floor of the tent) as well as the guy lines (used for ventilation). If it is a new tent, set it up at home first to make sure it has all the necessary parts. This will allow you to also become familiar with setting up the tent which will make it easier once you are at the campground.