Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site of Canada

WP&YR Bennett Overnight Excursions

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Your Chilkoot Trail adventure awaits! Escape into the heart of the northern wilderness on a Tuesday or Friday morning when you depart Carcross, Yukon, aboard a White Pass & Yukon Route train destined for historic Bennett, B.C.

Bennett Backpack Adventure: 1-2 nights

Enjoy the peace and quiet by camping 1-2 nights in Parks Canada’s Bennett campground on the shore of beautiful Bennett Lake. Step back in time and explore the Gold Rush era site of Bennett City, once home to 20,000 stampeders and entrepreneurs. Take the scenic White Pass & Yukon Route train back from Bennett to Carcross.

  • $9.80/person per night (includes GST) 
  • One tent per campsite
  • Camping fee is waived for youth 6-16 yrs when accompanied by an adult
  • Camping is limited to the Bennett campground
  • Campsite reservations are required and are subject to availability

Chilkoot Trail Canadian Backpack Adventure: 4-5 nights

Explore the famous "Trail of '98" by camping 4-5 nights in Parks Canada campgrounds on the Canadian side of the Chilkoot Trail. Follow in the footsteps of Gold Rush stampeders and First Nations traders through breathtaking terrain in the shadow of the Coast Mountains. Explore the unique natural setting of subalpine tundra and boreal forest. Take the scenic White Pass & Yukon Route train back from Bennett to Carcross.

  • $34.30/adult for 4-5 nights (includes GST) 
  • $17.10/youth for 4-5 nights applies for ages 6-16 (5 and under are free)
  • $11.70/person reservation fee is waived
  • Campsite reservations are required and are subject to availability.


  • See St. Andrew’s Church 
  • From the church, follow the Chilkoot Trail approx. 500 m to the stampeder cemetery on the south side of the trail
  • From the church, follow the Chilkoot Trail for 2 km to north Lindeman Lake beach
  • Identify but don’t pick the wild plants 
  • Bird watching: bring your binoculars

Canoeing or sea kayaking on Bennett and Lindeman lakes

  • Bennett and Lindeman are big and sometimes very windy lakes; floatation and spray decks are advised
  • The rapids on One-Mile River are class III/IV; do not attempt in a canoe or sea kayak
  • Stay on the trails when transporting your canoe or sea kayak around Bennett, and to or from Lindeman City.
  • Water rescue services are not available

One-Way Distances

  • 6.4 km between Bennett and Bare Loon Lake. Hiking time 2-4 hours. 
  • 11.3 km between Bennett and Lindeman City. Hiking time 3-5 hours.

How to camp responsibly at Bennett

  • Absolutely no open fires
  • No coolers
  • Camp only in designated campsites
  • Day use of cabin at Bennett is allowed
  • You’re sharing the campground with people who’ve hiked the Chilkoot Trail. Remember that quiet time starts at 10 p.m.

There is a private cabin at Bennett Lake. Please respect the owner’s privacy and property.

You’re in bear country

Be bear aware:

  • Black and grizzly bears frequent the Bennett area
  • Do no leave packs unattended
  • Cook and eat only in designated areas
  • No food at tent sites
  • All food and odorous items (toothpaste, vitamins, garbage, etc.) must be stored in bear-safe food lockers at all times.
  • Pack out what you pack in, including recyclables, food stuff, garbage and diapers
  • Keep dogs on leash at all times
  • Do not leave children or pets unattended

You’re camping in a national historic site

Do not disturb or remove the artifacts:

  • Broken bottles, rusted cans, even stones used for building foundations are protected by law
  • To protect the cultural landscape, only walk on trails.

Information & Reservations

Parks Canada
1-800-661-0486 / 867-667-3910
White Pass & Yukon Route
867-668-7245 (Whitehorse) / 867-821-3930 (Carcross)

Parks Canada 24 Hour Emergency Dispatch

From satellite phone: 1-780-852-3100

Note: There is no cellphone coverage at Bennett