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Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site of Canada

Chilkoot Checklist

Before you leave home

1. Review the Hiking information on this website.

2. Get fit; do some warm-up hikes/backpacking trips.

3. Carefully select and test all of your equipment; test pack your pack.

4. Familiarize yourself with no trace backpacking and camping practices; and techniques for safe travel in wilderness settings and avalanche terrain.

5. Ensure that you have appropriate identification/documentation for crossing the border.

Before you begin your hike

1. Pick up your Permits at the Trail Centre in Skagway (520 Broadway). All hikers must be present and have proper documentation for crossing the border. Please allow approximately 20 minutes when picking up your permits. Reserved Permits not picked up by noon of the start date will be cancelled unless prior arrangements have been made with the Trail Centre (phone 907-983-9234). At the Trail Centre, you will:

  • Pick up your Permits and backpack tags (Please have your Booking number or your confirmation letter handy).
  • Register for Canada Customs (please have all necessary documentation handy).
  • Get information on current trail conditions; review no trace hiking and camping practices and bear safety techniques.
  • Find out about transportation to and from the trail.

2. See the Staying Safe in Bear Country video.

3. Get packed and ready to go; ensure that you have everything you will need for your hike before you head out to the trailhead.

4. Finalize/confirm your travel arrangements for getting to and from the trail.

5. Ensure that a friend or family member has a detailed hiking/travel itinerary and ensure that they know whom to contact if you do not complete your trip within the expected time. 

Have a safe and enjoyable hike!