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Fort Walsh National Historic Site

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Step back in time to the 1870s and discover what life was like on a working fort in the lawless time of rotgut whiskey runners. Imagine the scarlet serge-clad North West Mounted Police (the forerunners of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police) marching on parade, hear Métis legends handed down through generations and learn traditional crafts and skills. Uncover the history of Canada’s part in the aftermath of the Battle of Little Big Horn.

Hours of Operation 
Open 7 days a week July and August
Seasonal hours in spring and fall, closed in winter
See full page for hours
How to Get There 
Fort Walsh is located within the picturesque Cypress Hills. Plan to spend at least a couple of hours at Fort Walsh and budget for most of a day if you’d like to take part in any of the activities and stay for lunch.
Experience life with James Morrow Walsh and his NWMP troops in the 1870s. Barter for buffalo robes at the trading post, smell sweet lodge pole pines on a hike through the Cypress Hills.
Facilities and Services 
The Visitor Reception Centre (VRC) functions as an orientation area, exhibit and theatre area as well as the food service, rest room, water fountain, and pay phone location.

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We're making infrastructure improvements to Fort Walsh National Historic Site!
To learn more, go to: What to know before you visit