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Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site

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As the 19th century closes, a stream of pioneer-farmers move west from Ontario, seeking a new life on the prairies. Early Saskatchewan settler, W.R. Motherwell became a community leader whose passion for scientific farming methods took him all the way to parliament as Minister of Agriculture. Live a day in the life of a prairie farmer in the 1900s on W.R. Motherwell’s historic homestead, Lanark Place.

Hours of Operation
Open 7 days a week in July and August, Monday to Friday in May and June
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How to Get There
We’re closer than you think!
The perfect getaway, with family and friends, just 1 hour NE of Regina.
Visitors can take in the sights, sounds and smells! – while helping out on the farm and make the connection between our land and the food on our plates.

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We're making infrastructure improvements to Motherwell Homestead National Historic Site
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