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Batoche National Historic Site


Top 5 MUST-Dos at Batoche

In 1885, Gabriel Dumont, Louis Riel and the Métis led the resistance against the federal government in a battle that changed the development of Western Canada.

“Journey Through Time”
Go back 130 years, meet living characters, and have a “blast from the past” on this interactive tour.

Battle of Batoche
Be captivated by the dramatic story of Batoche in our beautiful theatre.

Step Back 100 Years Feed the chickens, pump water, and taste a garden carrot at the Caron Home - just like a Métis family would have done over 100 years ago

Indulge Your Tastebuds
Try a piece of Bannock from our concession – and better yet – get some and have a picnic on site!

Sense of Place
Drive to East Village, stroll along the Carlton Trail, enjoy the peaceful river setting, set foot on our new dock and imagine days gone by. It will be easy to understand why people settled here!

Plus 1 for the kids!
Do cool challenges, become an Xplorer and earn your souvenir dog tag.