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Fort Témiscamingue National Historic Site

Learning Experiences

Educational activities
At the interpretation kiosk
© Parks Canada/ J. Boulet-Groulx

Various educational activities are offered by reservation for school groups or children's groups (scouts, daycares, etc.).


Jean-Baptiste « The Voyageur »

Educational activities
The jalopy and song of Jean-Baptiste the voyager!
© Parks Canada / J. Boulet-Groulx

Meet a colourful adventurer, who will draw you into his way of life in the days of the fur trade and discover more about his unusual costume.

Clientele: 2nd and 3rd cycle of elementary school
Length: 45 minutes
Maximum group size: 50 students

Discovery walk

Educational activities
The meeting point of the voyagers
© Parks Canada

Guided walk on the outside site. Discover 11 historical scenographies representing the various buildings at the trading post, their functions, space organization and the way of life associated with the fur trade.

Legend and magic of the “Enchanted Forest”

Clientele: Everyone
Length: 1 hour
Maximum group size: 50 students