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Saint-Ours Canal National Historic Site

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The Parks Canada experience in the Richelieu Valley

Parks Canada unveils its 2015 programming for the Chambly and Saint-Ours Canals
The concerts Sur l'air de Chambly, presented by the Ville de Chambly, at parc des Ateliers The concerts Sur l'air de Chambly, presented by the Ville de Chambly, at the Parc des Ateliers
© Parcs Canada

June 8, 2015 – Chambly, Quebec – Parks Canada

Today, Parks Canada highlighted the many activities and events for the 2015 season at the Chambly and Saint-Ours national historic canals – two places to discover this summer in the vicinity of the Richelieu. Outdoor activities are offered daily in an exceptional setting and an exciting schedule of events has been arranged for families to make this an unforgettable summer season!

On July 4th and 5th, it's the Nautical Fest, an event organized in collaboration with the Québec Maritime Association which will introduce the population to pleasures on the water. The programming offered by Parks Canada and its partners in the vicinity of locks 1, 2 and 3 in Chambly will include short trips on the water in various watercraft, workshops on boating safety, and many other activities.

Every Wednesday in July until the first Wednesday in August, the City of Chambly, in collaboration with Parks Canada, invites families to the Sur l’air de Chambly concert series which will be held in the Chambly Canal's Parc des Ateliers. At Saint-Ours, it's Canada Day on July 1st that can't be missed. Bring your toddlers along!

And for the first time, on a very lively weekend presented by Parks Canada and Mountain Equipment Co-op, the banks of the Chambly Canal on île Fryer in Carignan will be transformed into a real campground on August 8th and 9th. Make sure to visit the Chambly Canal website to find out how to reserve your spot!

A number of sporting events will also take place in the exceptional setting of the Chambly Canal, such as the Mountain Equipment Co-op race (Chambly sector on July 12th and October 18th) and the Je Bouge challenge (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu sector on September 12th).

This summer, The Friends of the Chambly and Saint-Ours Canals are associating with various partners to promote health. Yoga, stretching, walking, Kin-jo (the martial art of happiness!), bike rentals, GPS rallies, the explorer circuit and much more is on schedule. Don't delay, register now!

Many musical and festive surprises will be unveiled throughout the summer. Go to our website to avoid missing anything!

Quick Facts

  • The Chambly and Saint-Ours national historic canals, an important part of Canada’s heritage, are steeped in beauty, making them exceptional locations to participate in some of our country’s living history.
  • Canada’s historic canals are premier tourism destinations that foster recreation and economic development, generate revenue and ultimately build strong communities and support Canadian families.
  • A very colourful 2015 season awaits visitors to the Chambly and Saint-Ours national historic canals. Throughout the summer, the banks of the Richelieu River canals will be alive with a rich and varied programme.
  • At this beginning of the 2015 navigation season, Parks Canada's navigable waterways team is proud to welcome boaters to the historic canals for the pleasure of unforgettable experiences.


"The summer promises to be sensational on the Richelieu canals and Parks Canada invites the public to discover or rediscover these unique sites. Through programming like this, Parks Canada is supporting Canada's National Conservation Plan by taking concrete action to connect Canadians to nature. In addition, the ongoing work of Parks Canada and programs – like Learn-to Camp and special events and exciting new activities across the country – is enhancing visitor experience and facilitating personal connections with Parks Canada places."
- Luc-André Mercier, Director, Quebec Waterways, Parks Canada

Passage of a Boat Through a Lock
Passage of a Boat Through
a Lock at Chambly Canal

© Parks Canada

Lockage Fees

Following extensive comments and ideas on the proposed canal lockage fee, Minister Kent announced on May 14, 2013, that Parks Canada will freeze recreational lockage fees along Canada's historic canals for three years at 2008 levels.

More information

A World-Unique Fish Ladder

A Parks Canada and community organizations initiative

A unique fish ladder is helping species at risk reclaim their habitat at the Saint-Ours Canal National Historic Site.

The Vianney-Legendre fishway, located on the Richelieu River, in the Quebec Province, of Canada, is no ordinary fish ladder. Unlike the others; it shows that a historic site can be more than a site of Heritage significance. It can protect biodiversity and help recover species at risk.

The Vianney-Legendre fishway ladder
The Vianney-Legendre fishway ladder
© Parks Canada / Jean Mercier / 2002

The Copper Redhorse (Moxostoma hubbsi) is running up the Richelieu River again. This is a major victory for the unusual copper-coloured fish species, which is found only in south-western Quebec. A dam built in 1967 hindered this endangered species' migration to its most important spawning area upstream from the Canal-de-Saint-Ours National Historic Site of Canada. Now a fish ladder of unique design is brightening the future for the Copper Redhorse.

Such a successful environmental engineering project could create a tourist attraction and be useful in educating the public about this biodiversity restoration initiative. In fact, the fish ladder has even gained international attention. Although it has been designed uniquely for this site, other jurisdictions are interested in it as a model to follow.

Notice to visitors: The observation window of the Vianney-Legendre Fishway will be temporarily unavailable due to maintenance work. The situation should be resolved by mid-September, 2015. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.