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Saint-Ours Canal National Historic Site


A sunset over Darvard island at the Saint-Ours canal

The Saint-Ours Canal lock enables boats to navigate a 1.5 metre difference in water levels. Put your kayak into the water and follow the banks of the Richelieu River.

Bring a picnic to the island and spend beautiful, relaxing hours in a unique, natural setting.

In order for different species of fish to be able to pass through the dam, a structure unlike anything else in the world was erected in the spring of 2001. It's a new experience for the whole family!

Featured Activities

Navigate safely through the 10th lock on the Richelieu

Navigate safely through the 10th lock on the Richelieu
As a family or with friends, explore the Richelieu River aboard your pleasure boat. Or launch a canoe or kayak because the natural banks make river access easy.

Young family in a Parks Canada oTENTik

Treat yourself to an oTENTik getaway!
With friends or family, Parks Canada oTENTik accommodation offers a unique experience in ease and comfort in an enchanting site by the Richelieu River.

Picnicking and relaxing at the Saint-Ours Canal

Picnicking and relaxing at the Saint-Ours Canal
Although the Saint-Ours Canal was created with the aim of improving navigation on the Richelieu River, visitors on foot will also enjoy it with picnicking, relaxing and a nice stroll on the menu.

An out-of-the-ordinary fish ladder!

An out-of-the-ordinary fish ladder!
Before leaving the Saint-Ours Canal, stop to observe fish traversing the dam through the Vianney-Legendre fishway. It’s a rare experience.

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