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Manoir-Papineau National Historic Site


Fairmont le Château Montebello

Fairmount Le Château Montebello

Historically founded as a private club in 1930, Fairmont Le Château Montebello has had the privilege of hosting many political figures, royalty and other celebrities. The resort is now an ideal destination both for leisure and business travelers. Entertainment, local cuisine, relaxation and a warm welcome is what you will come to expect as we want your experience to be truly unforgettable.

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Société historique Louis-Joseph Papineau - Montebello

Société historique Louis-Joseph Papineau

Founded in May 1977, the Société historique Louis-Joseph Papineau aims to promote the conservation and protection of monuments and historical sites of the Petite-Nation through the discovery, exploitation and enhancement of the heritage potential of the Petite-Nation.

Paysagement Beauchamp

Paysagement Beauchamp

Paysagement Beauchamp is a dynamic and passionate business, specializing in natural stone work and horticultural maintenance. Paysagement Beauchamp has been in business for several years now, in both residential and commercial fields. Their passion for nature fuels their creativity. The company is able to meet all your landscaping needs: designing, planting, gardening tips, flower bed arrangements, stone work, interlocking stone, retaining walls, trimming and planting hedges, mini excavations, water irrigation systems, outdoor lighting, wood work and land maintenance.

Ovila David Huard et Dominique Carrière

The promoters Ovila David Huard and Dominique Carrière are organizing the symposium of visual arts Les couleurs du manoir showcasing artists from the region and elsewhere. Their goal is to expose these professional artists and offer an art exhibit of quality, simultaneously with the events put on by the Manoir Papineau.

An open air exhibit as well as a gallery inside the Manoir are offered to the public for free. Furthermore, the history of the Manoir, the event will take place at a unique site and will complete the idea to promote the Manoir and all related activities.

Les couleurs du manoir, is a new destination for art in our enchanting site filled with history of Outaouais.

Montebello Staples

Montebello Staples Logo

The Montebello Stables offers the opportunity of an interpretative horseback ride on the magnificent Fairmont Le Château Montebello and sometimes on the domain of the Manoir Papineau. We also offer, according to the season; sleigh rides, wagon rides, and also horse drawn carriages for marriages and other private events.

La Fromagerie Montebello

Fromagerie Montebello was founded on August 28th 2011. Its vision is simple: to produce quality cheeses that will delight visitors. On the counter you will find fresh cheese, cheese curds, cheese twists and fine cheeses. You can also buy a variety of cheeses from across Québec. Local products are present: backed bread, homemade pasta, jams and artisanal ice cream in the summer. Well trained tasters of fine cheese will congratulate themselves that they stopped by.

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Les thés Bon thé divine

Bon Thé Divine! wants to show you the best tea the world has to offer, thanks to their exclusives blends 100% natural.

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