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Manoir-Papineau National Historic Site

Put on your nicest summer outfit and have teas at the home of Louis-Joseph Papineau

A Geocaching Adventure A Geocaching Adventure
© Parks Canada

Nature and Outdoors

Back to the 1920’s:
A Geocaching Adventure

For a unique experience that blends history and technology, take part in the treasure hunt for Jacqueline Papineau’s childhood memories.

Using a GPS device, stroll through the seigneurial domain and locate the hidden treasures of the illustrious Papineau family.

An Exceptional Environment Decorated with Flowers
An Exceptional Environment Decorated with Flowers
© Parks Canada

Cape Bonsecours Visitor Guide

Overlooking the Ottawa River, the Manoir-Papineau is located in the heart of a natural setting of extraordinary beauty.

Discover the hidden jewels of the seigneurial forest, or simply admire the sunset from the Cape Bonsecours viewpoint.

The Gardens, Yesterday and Today

Let yourself be charmed by the vibrant colours, and sweet fragrance of the magnificent garden.

While you discover the flower-adorned estate, take the time to compare pictures of the old garden with the new one.

Croquet in the Garden
Croquet in the Garden
© Parks Canada

Croquet in the Garden

Complete your journey through the past with one of the era’s key pastimes: a game of croquet.

Enjoy your day on the garden’s lawn just as the 19th century bourgeois did by playing this classic game.

Picnic on the lawns at Manoir Papineau
A picnic in the garden
© Parks Canada

Picnic on the Lawns at
the Manoir-Papineau

Bring your checkered tablecloth and wicker basket and top off your excursion with a picnic in front of the manor.

Settle down at the picnic tables or directly on the garden’s lawn, and enjoy the fantastic view of the Ottawa River.

Discover the Manor’s Eclectic Architecture
Discover the Manor’s Eclectic Architecture
© Parks Canada

Picturesque Viewpoints

Renowned for its eclectic architecture, the Manoir-Papineau has a number of details that often go unnoticed.

The site map will reveal the best viewpoints to appreciate these distinguishing features!

The Young Xplorers of Parks Canada

The Parks Canada Xplorer program is a lively new activity for the whole family.

Six- to eleven-year-olds will enjoy the daring, delight, and fun… On your marks, get set, Xplore!

This program is also offered at Fort Chambly, Fort Lennox, Coteau-du-Lac, and numerous other Parks Canada sites.

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