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Lévis Forts National Historic Site

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Stop by Fort No. 1 at Lévis Forts National Historic Site of Canada and relive the history of the fort. See how the fort was built, stone by stone, and enjoy yourself in this authentic decor!

Fort No. 1, A Sentinel of the British Empire

Aerial view of Fort No.1 Aerial view of Fort No.1
© Parks Canada

Fort No. 1 was once a Québec outpost before becoming a key witness to British strategies on Canadian soil. In 1864, defending the port of Québec was more of an imperial issue than a colonial one. The British authorities wanted to make sure they could freely move their fleet in and out of the port in the event of an American attack.

The borders were vulnerable to attack since Lévis was connected by rail to Maine. With a Yankee invasion imminent, it was decided to fortify the heights of Point Lévy. How? By building a network of three forts facing south that would complement the defensive system on the north shore of the St. Lawrence.

Fort No. 1 was built from 1865 to 1872 by soldiers. Featuring numerous architectural and engineering innovations, it was virtually an open-air laboratory.

Discovering Fort No. 1

Fort No.1 from top to bottom Drawing of the Fort's interior
© Parks Canada

Halt! To the beat of the soldiers' parade, visit the heart of this imposing Victorian military bastion. Cross the rolling bridge over the ditch and enter the parade grounds. Just imagine the military rigour of the times where order and decorum reigned. Then make the rounds of the strategic areas of the fort.

Climb up the terreplein and enjoy a panoramic view of the region. Visit the casemates or garrison barracks and admire their vaulted design. Head down the underground passageway leading to the right caponier and defend the fort.

Summer Highlights

Group of children stone-cutting Stone-cutting
© Parks Canada

Fort No. 1 at Lévis Forts National Historic Site of Canada provides a wide range of captivating activities. An exhibition depicts the history of the fort and displays the new technologies used during its construction. Guided tours and a number of special interpretation activities are also offered. A picnic area and hiking trail give you a chance to relax in the park's wooded area. For further information, look under the Activities section.