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Lévis Forts National Historic Site

Interpretive Activities

Discovery Circuit

Exhibition Exhibition

Explore the various components of this 19th century defensive structure: its dark tunnels, underground chambers, and rolling bridge. Take your time to explore the exhibition in the vaulted casemates. You’ll learn why, by whom, how and with what materials the fort was built. We even have a few well-guarded secrets to share with you.



© Gilles Boutin

Use the new “Explora” application to explore Lévis Forts National Historic Site, discovering outstanding landscapes and learning more about how this exceptional defensive work was built.

Discover the Fort on a tablet

© Yves Laframboise

This tool gives you access to a number of period illustrations and photographs. Travel back in time and gain new insight into this defensive system and the role the Lévis Forts played as sentinels of Québec.

Visitor Guide

© Parks Canada

Pick up the self-guided tour brochure and get an indepth look at the history of this fortification designed to protect the city of Québec.

Spotlight on the Fort

Casemates and vaulted tunnels Casemates and vaulted tunnels

Visit an underground shooting area, powder magazine, vaulted tunnels, and more using the Explora app, or using an interactive tablet. Three new ways to discover the history behind the construction of the three Lévis Forts!

Children under 10 can dress up as a soldier for the visit.

Length: 1 hour

Become an Xplorer!

Get your Xplorers booklet—it’s a fun way for people of all ages to explore the many extraordinary places at Fort No.1. You can participate by yourself or with your family.

Activity length: 45 minutes