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Fort Lennox National Historic Site

Learning Experiences

Preschool and 1st Cycle Elementary School Students

Mounting Guard at Fort Lennox

Educational activities – 1st cycle elementary school
A recruit in uniform
© Parks Canada

This animation intended for the very young is an activity that is dreamed about in educational circles because it allows young children to learn while having fun. Students will be told the fascinating story of Fort Lennox in the form of a tale through an interpreter-guide that is sure to pick at their curiosity.

In addition, students will be dressed from head to toe in tiny soldiers’ uniforms. After exploring the barracks, they will turn to the casemates, where a game testing their sense of smell will await them.

The recruits will go up on the ramparts to stand guard. After guarding the fort, it is time for a rest. This is why the students go into the guardroom, where they will be put in contact with objects from the past and present. This is a wonderful method to allow them to grasp the concept of time.

With its multi-sensory concept, this museum visiting approach combines both fun and education.

Length: 90 minutes
Cost: $3.90 per student

The Little Spy’s Rally (Extra Activity)

Educational activities – 1st cycle elementary school
Young people on a mission
© Parks Canada

During this activity, schoolchildren will explore Fort Lennox in depth to answer the questions in their mission guidebook. They will need to prove they have a keen sense of observation and a good deductive spirit.

Simple and lots of fun, the little spy’s rally will stir the interest of budding spies.

Length: 30 to 45 minutes
Cost: $0.90 per student

Activity available in French only


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