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Fort Lennox National Historic Site

Permanent Exhibitions

Parade militaire
Discover the Events that Shaped the History
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Enter the fascinating world of officers, soldiers and their families inside a fort located on an island.

Go on a guided tour of the barrack, the powder magazine, as well as the guardroom and the prison, and discover the events that shaped the history of Île aux Noix.

The Gentlemen Officers

Ces messieurs les officiers
Unveil How the Daily Life of Officers was at Fort Lennox
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Stroll through the exhibition entitled These Gentlemen Officers, where historical objects, the installations of the eras and the artifacts will reveal the daily life of the officers at Fort Lennox in the first third of the 19th century.



Fort Lennox, A Work by the Royal Engineers

Fort Lennox,
A Work by the Royal Engineers

The engineers’ genius awaits you. Building principles and techniques used in the construction of a fortification as well as elaborate defence systems won’t be a secret to you anymore.

Audio kiosks are there to make your visit more stimulating and enjoyable. Listen to discussions among engineers or scenes from the daily life on a military shipyard. Fort Lennox, a Work by Royal Engineers will inform you on 19th-century military engineering and on the fort’s recent restoration.

Get closer to history and make amazing discoveries!

The engineers’ genius awaits you!
The Engineers’ Genius Awaits You!
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